Pre-K 3’s


Mary Grieves

Est. 1987-1991, 1998

Mary lives in Le Sueur with her husband, Al. They have two sons, Lucas & Zach.

In her free time, she enjoys gardening and MN Backyard Birds.

Mary received a BA in K-6 Education at the College of St. Benedict/St. John’s University.


Mrs. Grieves Pre-K 3-year-old Daily Schedule

First Bell (8:00) -Students come in, find their names, and place them in the basket (attendance). Quiet work at table (books, puzzles) until others arrive.

Second Bell (8:10)-Meet in hallway for pledge, prayer, mission statement.

Phy Ed M/TH/F, Music T/W (8:20-8:45)

Bathroom Break (8:45-8:55)

Snack (9:00-9:20) During this time, we will talk with each other, learning more about each other. Children will take responsibility for cleaning up after they are finished.

Morning Meeting (9:20-9:40) We will begin by greeting each other. We will talk about the month, day of the week, number of the day and the day’s weather. Scholastic’s “My Big World” learning magazine will be done one day each week at this time as well.

Play time in Centers/Art (9:40-10:20) Children will have the opportunity to choose the center they wish to play at, while others may work with me.

Clean Up (10:20-10:30) It is important for us to learn responsibility for cleaning up after ourselves.

Recap of the Day (10:30-10:50) I will read (a story each M-TH/ Religion on Friday) to the children and we will talk about the happenings of our day.

Get ready for dismissal (10:50-11:00)