Susan McPartland

My name is Susan Genelin McPartland. I am a lifelong resident of Le Sueur and of St. Anne’s Parish. I am proud to say I am also a graduate of St Annes Elementary School. I was raised in a large family that believed strongly in the value of catholic education. I have spent the majority of my work life in Corporate America working for companies such as The Pillsbury Company, General Mills, and of course Green Giant. My husband Tim and I have 5 children, all of which have attended St. Anne’s Elementary School. I believe in the importance of providing an environment where our children feel safe to express themselves, encouraged to develop socially, academically and to feel a part of the community of St Annes, Le Sueur/Henderson and the world as a whole. I have had the privilege of working with Pre-K 3 and 4 year olds, Kindergarteners and 1st graders as a classroom assistant and Paraprofessional since March of 2016. I love seeing the excitement and spark in the eyes of these early learners. It is fulfilling to play an role in nurturing these young minds and supporting their development.

Position: Preschool Classroom Aide/Paraprofessional

Staff Category: School Administration