St. Anne’s School understands the importance of the development of technology and the skills needed to implement educational growth within the field. Our teachers are dedicated to enhancing student learning by developing 21st Century Skills and providing a critical thinking environment that fosters the use of technology. Students are able to take ownership and control of their learning with a hands-on approach. We accomplish this by:

  • Exposing students to various organizational tools
  • Providing access to numerous academic sources and materials
  • Enhancing learning experiences through multiple tools and contexts
  • Expanding and strengthening curriculum to meet state and national standards
  • Using a modern approach to instruction and learning
  • Teaching and reaching all types of learners


Students in 4th and 5th Grade will use the newest in tablet technology with Apple’s iPads. Each student will be given an iPad to use in the classroom as well as outside the classroom when work permits. Core subject instruction will use the iPads as a primary tool for math, science and social studies. The iPad will be used as a supplemental tool for the instruction of reading, spelling, english and religion. Internet sources as well as apps will be the host of learning facilitation. A SMARTBoard and Chromebook lab will be available to students along with newspapers, magazines, textbook curriculums, maps, field trips and community expert presentations.


Mrs. Adams is in her thirteenth year at St. Anne’s and has attended numerous iPad training sessions. In her training, Mrs. Adams has attended workshops hosted by Apple focusing on mobile learning environments, exposure to instrumental technology focused learning environments in the inclusive classroom. Along with technology integration, Mrs. Adams will continue to implement both current and past best practice methods.

Smart Board Technology

Smart Boards differentiate instruction to support a variety of learning styles in fun and engaging ways. These boards enable young learners to learn together as naturally as they play together, which makes it easy for teachers to foster collaborative learning environments that nourish creativity and teamwork.

PreK and Kindergarten

Preschool and kindergarten students are naturally drawn to Smart Boards because they are fun and easy to use. This helps them bring the same enthusiasm they have for play to lessons and nurtures a love for learning at an early age.

First to Fifth Grade

Smart Boards help make learning enjoyable and collaborative, while enabling teachers to create lessons that help students with differing learning styles develop foundational skills.